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In this gallery you will see images from a number of towns, large and small, that we visited once we left Budapest and Vienna. Included are Durnstein, The Wachau Valley, Melk, Salzburg, Weltenburg, Regensburg and Nuremberg.

The first image in each series shows the image numbers that apply to that area.
Durnstein Fortress RuinsDurnstein Abbey ChurchDurnstein WindowBeneath the FortressDurnstein Village ChurchTwo DoorsDurnstein Wine ShopStairway to the VinyardVinyard Beyond the FortressChapel in the MistVillage of SpitzCastle RuinsVillage of KremsSt. Michael's ChurchVillage of WeissenkirchenWachau Valley ChurchSchonbuhel CastleMelk Abbey #1Melk Abbey #2Melk Abbey #3

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