Richard Glass Fine Art Photography | Aix-en-Provence, Rome, Pisa & San Gimingnano
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Because I could only spend about a half day in each of these cities as part of a tour group, the opportunities for any in-depth photographic exploration was all but non-existent. For that reason, only 33 images appear in this four city gallery.
Pipe OrganSt. Jean de Malte ChurchPassage to the Blue DoorShutters"Mail Drop"The Leaning Tower of PisaPisa #1Pisa #2San Gimingnano #1San Gimingnano #2San Gimingnano #3San Gimingnano #4Secure DoorwayBell TowerRoman RuinsApproaching Rome's City HallKing Victor Emanuel MonumentBasilica of St. Peter in ChainsAltar - Basilica of St. Peter in ChainsAltar Detail - Basilica of St. Peter in Chaiins

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