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The facination of architectural subjects for me as a photographer is the ability to combine shapes, patterns and textures into dynamic compositions.

The images in this gallery feature mostly buildings in St. Louis and include the structure itself as well as some of the architectural detail.

Many of the images are presented in both black & white and color.
Baltimore Aquarium"Squares"Westport ShapesBroken WindowsGlass Block & BrickGlass Block & Brick - MonochromeCourtroom DomeOld CourthouseBlack Glass & Brick #2Black Glass & Brick #3Black Glass & Brick #6Black Glass #7Reflection on Blask Glass #1Black Glass & Brick #1 - MonochromeBlack Glass & Brick #1Black Glass & Brick #8 - MonochromeBlack Glass & Brick #8Reflection on Black Glass #3Union Station ReflectedStaircase from the Past

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