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Since the advent of sophisticated, yet easy to use digital image editing software, virtually all impediments to image manipulation have been removed. Although my personal photographic style still adheres to the "traditional", I still like to experiment with a variety of techniques to "alter the reality" of what was captured in the camera.

The images in this gallery have been subjected to a variety of "enhancements" designed to emphasize certain elements of the composition.
Baltimore SkylineMetropolitan Square Building - St. Louis"Twisted Justice" #1"Twisted Justice" #2""Twisted Justice" #2 - MonochromeRoanoke, VA SkylineOld Number 502The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist - Savannah, GASan Francisco "Rainbow"Through the Bridge Darkly"Out of Service"Psychedelic Chicago - Sears TowerSouthern Missouri FarmGeneral American Life BuildingCrystal Quarry BarnFields of Gold - DerivationPsychedelic Chicago - Hancock Building"Starter House" - DerivationTower Grove HouseSurreal Farmscape

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