Richard Glass Fine Art Photography | Yosemite National Park in Black & White
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Perhaps nothing can truly depict the grandeur of Yosemite National Park better than a black and white Ansel Adams print. Photographers have been trekking to Yosemite for decades hoping to replicate the vision and stunning photographs produced by this icon of photography.

While some of us have come away with very good images indeed, Ansel Adams's incredible body of work occupies a plateau that is yet unreached.

The black and white images in this gallery are but one photographer's interpretation of the grandeur of this magical place. I hope you enjoy them.
Cathedral Rocks at Last LightTunnel ViewValley ViewYosemite Upper FallsYosemite Upper Falls #2Cathedral SpireYosemite Upper & Lower FallsEast Side of El CapitanTenaya LakeEl CapitanHalf DomeYosemite Upper Falls #3Tenaya Lake #2Tioga LakeYosemite Upper Falls #4Ellery LakeEl Capitan #2The Majesty of El Capitan

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